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Asylum seekers in Hong Kong


Lau, P.Y.F. (2021). Empowerment in asylum seekers regime? The roles of policies, non-profit sector and refugee community organizations in Hong Kong. Journal of Refugee Studies, 34(1): 305-327. 
Empowerment in the asylum seeker regime
Lau, P.Y.F., & Gheorghiu, I. (2018). Vanishing Selves under Hong Kong’s Unified Screening Mechanism. Cultural Diversity in China, 3(1), 21-29. Special Issue.
Chinese Translation:
劉珮欣,尤莉亞·喬治烏 (2018)「香港免遣返聲請者在統一審核機制下消失的自我」,Cultural Diversity in China, 3(1): 30-35

Working paper:

Lau, P.Y.F. and Gheorghiu, I. ‘Whispering against the Machine: Secondary Adjustments and Other Forms of Everyday Resistance among Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong’


Lau, P.Y.F. (2023, June). Surviving detention: how do service providers contribute to social adjustment and integration of asylum seekers in Hong Kong?. Paper presented at Society for Hong Kong Studies (SHKS) Annual Conference 2023, HK.
Lau, P.Y.F. (2019, May). Policing ethnic minorities in Hong Kong: Some observations on the Hong Kong Police Force. Paper presented at International conference on cultural governance in Asia (ICCGA), City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shue Yan University, HK.
Lau, P.Y.F. (2018, September). Negotiating identity under total institution: Secondary adjustments and other forms of everyday resistance among asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Paper presented at Boundary crossing: An International, interdisciplinary conference on refugees and social justice, Winchester, UK.
Lau, P.Y.F. (2018, April). People without identity: Exploring the social experiences of asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Poster presented at the Research Grant Council site visit, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, HK. (Assigned, not peer-reviewed)
Lau, P.Y.F. (2017, December). Poverty and psychological degradation: Experiences of asylum seekers in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Lau, P.Y.F., & Gheorghiu, I. (2016, December). Rejecting Self-Mortification: Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the 11th Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Sociological Association, the University of Hong Kong, HK.

Press report:

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