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Ethnic Minority Cancer Patients Coping with Cancer


I was so honoured and happy of being invited by Filipino Migrants Support for Cancer Society (FILMCASS HK) yesterday for this very meaningful event — Cancer Awareness Symposium for Migrants: you are not alone. I gave a short speech on my latest research findings and my feelings towards cancer. I love the vibe, the people and the very positive energy of this symposium.
I was invited to deliver a talk entitled “Breast and Cervical Cancer: Places to seek help in Hong Kong” by Cancer Awareness for Migrant Domestic Workers on 26th February at Bayanihan Kennedy Town Centre. Based on my RGC-funded research on how ethnic minority patients, including Filipinos cope with cancer in Hong Kong, I shared my findings on their worries and challenges about cancer as well as some solutions along with resources for anyone diagnosed with cancer. The talk was reported and featured by HONG KONG NEWS on 28th February: Download PDF
The essence of building resilience in the multicultural community’, Ethnic Minorities Multicultural Assembly 2022, hosted by Health In Action on 26th November 2022.


  • Lau, P.Y.F. (2023, December). Mobilizing healthcare resources through social capital: the case of ethnic minority cancer patients in Hong Kong. Paper to be presented at the 24th Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Sociological Association, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK.
  • Lau, P.Y.F. (2023, September). A critical evaluation of cultural competence in medical sector: perspectives of ethnic minority cancer patients and local healthcare professionals in Hong Kong. Paper to be presented at BSA Medical Sociology Conference 2023, University of Sussex, UK.
  • Lau, P.Y.F. (2023, August). Researching asylum seekers and ethnic minority cancer patients in Hong Kong: some methodological and ethical concerns. Paper presented at Centre for Experimental Social Science, Nuffield College, in partnership with the UNICEF Regional Office for East Asia and Pacific, Oxford, UK.
  • Lau, P.Y.F. (2023, June). Healing through social media: Experiences of ethnic minority cancer patients and survivors in Hong Kong. Paper presented at RC16 Sociology of Health, XX International Sociological Association, World Congress of Sociology. Melbourne, Australia.


The fieldwork lasted between April 2022 and October 2023. It certainly cannot be kicked off without the unfailing support of the following organizations: FILMCASS, Peduli Kasih, Social Justice for Migrant Workers, Zubin Foundation, Health in Action, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (Family and Community), Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Workers – Kowloon (Ethnic Minority Services), United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service, Translate for Her, Hope Centre for Ethnic Minorities, HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre and Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre. Many thanks for your very kind help and support in various capacities. Besides, I deeply appreciate the experiences and views shared by doctors and nurses of various local public hospitals. The input of doctors and nurses adds substantive insight into the advocacy of cancer coping strategies as well as healthcare services in Hong Kong. Altogether, I have interviewed 28 EM cancer patients and survivors, 6 caregivers and 14 practitioners working for EM cancer patients including social workers, NGO leaders, nurses and doctors.

Press release:

Shue Yan Newsletter, ‘Study on how do ethnic minorities in Hong Kong cope with cancer’, March and April 2022 
Ethnic Minority Cancer Patients Coping with Cancer

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Ethnic Minority Cancer Patients Coping with Cancer

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