Recruitment and Promotion Human Resources Management in Publishing Industry


Have you found it hard to hit the jackpot when hunting for a job? Do you really understand what the recruiters are looking for when you apply for a job? To what extent do you think social ties are crucial in the recruitment, job hunting and promotion processes? This book aims to explore the mechanisms involved when recruiters recruit new staff members, job hunters hunt for a new job and employees seek for promotion. In particular, via in-depth interviews with 40 staff members in publishing sector in the UK, the author studied the circumstances in which recruiters and job hunters use social ties in the recruitment and promotion processes. This book does not only contribute to the theoretical discussion in sociology, but also helps the readers to explore the insider perspective of the job market. Although this is a case study of the publishing sector in the UK, the findings should be able to shed light on other industrial sectors and across the board. This book should help to achieve more effective results for job hunters, HR staff members and recruiters in general in the future.